Thursday, September 1, 2011

C3 in September

Contemporary art space C3 opened Exhibition Number 36 their new show last night.
Exhibiting Artists..

Gallery One
Foyer Space
"Of Invisible Them"
Eleanor Butt

Space A
"Nature Prints"
Ann Cunningham

Space B
"Need to Seem  to Glimpse"
Amber Wallis
Paul Philipson
Warwick Baker
Ross Taylor
Lisa Young

Project Room
"Sun in The Sky, You Know How I feel"
Tai Snaith

Gallery 2+3
"9112011: A Deccenalia"
Andy Hutson
Mia Salsjo
Linda Tegg
Peter Thomas

Show runs from 31st August - 18th September

Abbotsford Convent: 1 st Heliers street, Abbotsford, Vic 3067.

For more Info check C3 blog 

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