Friday, November 4, 2011

Get your Carnie on

"The Village is a beautiful, beguiling festival that exists to provide an intimate environment in which professional and non professional artists and audiences can meet each other in bliss. The programming esthetic is populist, accessible, quirky, and littered with the familiar and the exotic. Folks you know personally and things you never knew existed." 

This weekend for 4 days only allow yourself to be entertained in the wonderful Edinburgh gardens. With many stages and tents and performances running for hours, how/why would you not want to be involved

opening times 
Friday 6pm
Saturday 12pm 
Sunday 11am

Follow the link below to discover more

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The 2011 Australian Stencil Art Prize and The Outpost Project

The Australian Stencil Art Prize is an annual stencil exhibition that is this year taking place in collaboration with The Outpost Project which is a HUGE urban art festival in Sydney Harbor on Cockatoo Island. The event goes from 4th of November until December 11th. If your in Sydney at any stage during that time I highly recommend you check this out as this years line up includes some of Australia's best stencil artists:

23rd Key Aaron James McGarry Adam Obscene BAT Boo dale Danny Guinsberg DEAKZ Earwig El Lobo FUKT Gabriella Szablewska Giselle Baron Harry Warne Jared Gibson Jason McLeod Jay Medlen Jessica Row Jimmy Neilly Joshua Smith Justin Garnsworthy Karren Torrisi Katherine Jukes Lorenzo Fontana Michael Duncan Miss Link MR SWEET Ms. Slice Nick Hore Nigel Sense PAWA Pixel P Poncho Army Ralf Kempken Robyn Cross Shanta Skallywag TERRIBLE HORRIBLE Teschi Veronica O'Leary

You can also check out the complete finalist gallery here.

And here is a link to the Outpost Project.