Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Street Shot II

Folks! You are all welcome to attend the opening of Hepatitis Victoria’s Street Shot 2011 Exhibition on Thursday 28th July from 3pm @ Thousand £ Bend Gallery!

The exhibition highlights more than 50 photographic works taken by young people across the Victorian community who have participated in the Street Shot Photography Competition this year. Young people received education about hepatitis C, transmission and prevention and their works highlight the key health and social learnings gained from participating in this year’s competition conducted by Hepatitis Victoria (

Young and Free @ 941 Geary

Every now and again we come accross an exhibition that gets us BEYOND excited and this is one of them!

Normally I would cut sections of the press release out and put my own spin on it, but this press release really does say it all... so, read on...


"Some call Australia the ‘lucky country’, but we’ve always made our own fate. From a rebellious past we’ve forged an identity steeped in cunning ingenuity, creative discontent and unorthodox flair. We’ve staged rebellions over rum, gained notoriety and won Nobels. We invented cask wine and Wi-Fi and we’ve won countless world titles. There may not be a lot of us, but we’ve always packed a punch.

So it is no surprise that with nothing more than a can of paint and a glint in their eye Australians are taking the street art scene by storm. It’s time for the rest of the world to sit up and take notice.

Young & Free will be the most significant exhibition by Australian street artists ever seen in the United States. The show will feature fresh work by thirteen of Australia’s finest urban art guerrillas – from the already internationally acclaimed to the burgeoning up-and-comers.

This tribe of artists comes from a variety of backgrounds: brilliant new work by notorious 80’s train painters through to the sublime subtlety of a modern day Rembrandt armed with a spray can.

Young & Free is a reflection of Australia’s thriving street culture with a strong grounding in the past and a firm focus on the future. These artists are modern day bushrangers, patrolling the lane from Melbourne to Manhattan.

This show features a mix of direct sprays, stencils and paste-ups, representing the rich and varied groundings from which these artists have grown. No matter their age, medium or style, the Young & Free artists all share one thing in common: they want to give the urban landscape a fresh coat of paint.

There are many similarities between Australia and San Francisco. Both have famous bridges, internationally established street art cultures and, of course, trams. What is different is our beginnings. Australia’s criminal foundations have seeped into our national persona – Aussies are born with a spirit of rebellion. As the opening lines from our national anthem proclaim, ‘Australians all let us rejoice, for we are Young & Free.’ "

Featuring 13 of Australia's most infamous streeet artists including: Anthony Lister, Kid Zoom, Dabs Myla, NewII, Dmote, Ben Frost, Meggs, HAHA, Reka, Rone, Sofles and Vexta.

Opening 10th September 6-9pm @ 941 Geary - 941 Geary St, San Francisco, CA