Friday, August 26, 2011

Watch this space

Melbourne has such a huge list of galleries and more are always opening. One more to watch out for is Rooftop Art Space which opens with its first show on 1st of September at 6pm. All details are "coming soon" but as its so central at level 7 Curtain house, 252 Swanston street and if you are both curious and a regular gallery hopper make sure to check it out.


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  2. Hello 1000 pound bend, thanks for the post.
    Things are coming along nicely in our revamped space, new look, new logo and a neon sign, yippee!
    Thanks for your support, we like your space too.

    kind regards
    tom and kirsty

    ps sorry for the repost, my "y" key has issues and it made us sound drippy!